Having Hope At Home opens April 22nd!~Click HERE for tickets.

Having Hope At Home

This award winning comedy by David S. Craig follows the story of a family who is having a hard time communicating with each other. It takes place at the family farm house in Ontario on the very night Carolyn unexpectedly goes into labour. How can she tell her father (the head of obstetrics) that she's decided to have her baby at home with a midwife?
Full of laughs and beautiful moments of reconnection, Having Hope at Home is a hilarious and touching fly on the wall view of a 3-generation family and their struggle to figure each other out. Starring theatre veterans Dorothy Dalba, Stephen Jefferys, Roger Ward and Deb Nicholson and premiering newcomers Jim Rhindress and Karen Mason, Having Hope at Home is a show that will have audiences laughing, crying and deciding to go home and "call their mothers".