'Heroes' arrives April 17th! Click HERE for tickets.

This award winning play will be our entry in the Ozone Theatre Festival.
Henri: John Lomas
Gustave: Jeff Samin
Philippe: Brian Haigh
Theatre Kelowna is pleased to announce our spring comedy Heroes is opening April 17, 2014! This award winning comedy, written by Tom Stoppard is based on the hilarious play by Girard Sibleyras – one of France’s most prolific living playwrights. 
The play takes place in a war veterans home where three retired soldiers plot their last great escape. The three characters; Henri, the jovial optimist, Gustave, the bitter cynic and Philippe the narcoleptic peace maker complain bitterly of tepid soup, bullying nuns and a “conspiracy to limit birthdays”. They vow to escape their luxurious prison. The fourth “character” in this play is the life size 200 lb. statue of a dog whose role takes on bizarre proportions as the story unfolds. 
“One must strive a little for the epic,” asserts Gustave. Heroes explores in a funny and light hearted way how the “epic” can change over time as we grow older. “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to direct, act and create the set for this beautiful piece of theatre,” says Theatre Kelowna President Brian Haigh. “The fact that all of our actors have such extensive experience makes directing this production a dream come true and the clever, brilliant writing of Tom Stoppard is a joy to work with.”