Auditions - Caught in the Net - January 11th & 12th

 Theatre Kelowna Society is pleased to announce audition dates for our upcoming spring show "Caught in the Net" by Ray Cooney. Auditions will take place Friday January 11th from 4 pm to 8 pm  and on Saturday January 12th from 10 am to 4 pm in the TKS Scene Shop at the RCA. Please come prepared with a monologue,  preferably comedic, and you will be required to cold read from the play script. Please email or call 250-899-4348 for a time. 


Show Synopsis:


John Smith, a London taxi driver has two wives in different parts of London. Modern technology is about to lead Smith's two families into a head-on collision. The show opens on a set that represents both homes, which allows for simultaneous action in both locations. Enter son Gavin Smith with his mum Barbara and daughter Vicki Smith with her mum Mary. Both teenagers are discussing having met in an Internet chat room. They are amazed that they both have fathers named John Leonard Smith who are London taxi drivers, and since romance has blossomed, they are determined to meet in person. The audience soon learns that the "amazing coincidences" are due to the fact that they indeed have the same father, but the characters are still in the dark. When Dad gets wind of their plan to meet, chaos ensues as he tries to keep the teens apart and keep his dual life secret from both his wives and kids. John quickly enlists the help of his dopey boarder Stanley, which only leads to hilarious lies, mistaken identities and mysterious phone calls. When Stanley's senile father arrives for a holiday, it stirs up the antics even further. In a Ray Cooney farce, if something can go wrong, it will! it may be difficult to rehearse without frequently dissolving into laughter.



John Smith male 50 - 60 lead
Gavin Smith male 15 - 25 lead
Vicki Smith female 15 - 25 lead
Barbara Smith female 40 - 50 supporting
Mary Smith female 40 - 50 supporting
Stanley Gardner male 45 - 60 supporting
Mr. Gardner male 70 - 90 supporting


Between February and April, three times weekly

Show Dates:

April 26th to 28th and May 1st to 4th.
This will also be our Ozone piece, and we will be taking the show to Vernon to compete this year.


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